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Security News from 'The Register'
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Stick A Fork In SGX, Its Done: Intels Cloud-server Security Defeated By $30 Chip And Electrical Shenanigans
14th Nov 2020 [14 days ago] from The Register
VoltPillager breaks enclave confidentiality, calling rogue data-center operator promises into question Boffins at the University of Birmingham in the UK have developed yet another way to compromise the confidentiality of Intels Software...
Ex-missile Systems Worker Jailed For Breaching Official Secrets Act After Last-second Guilty Plea
13th Nov 2020 [14 days ago] from The Register
Also copped to RIPA breach after ignoring police demand to hand over passwords The former BAE Systems worker accused of sending details of a UK missile system to hostile foreign powers and of ignoring police demands to hand over his device...
EncroChat Hack Evidence Wasnt Obtained Illegally, High Court Of England And Wales Rules – Trial Judges Will Decide Whether To Admit It
13th Nov 2020 [14 days ago] from The Register
Blow to UK suspects in wake of Franco-Dutch investigation The contents of messages from encrypted chat service EncroChat may be admissible as evidence in English criminal trials, the High Court in London, England has ruled.…
Ticketmaster Cops £1.25m ICO Fine For 2018 Magecart Breach, Blames Someone Else And Vows To Appeal
13th Nov 2020 [14 days ago] from The Register
Own your screwups, growls irate watchdog The Information Commissioner’s Office has fined Ticketmaster £1.25m after the site’s operators failed to spot a Magecart card skimmer infection until after 9 million customers’ details had...
2020s Biggest Innovators? Hackers And Cyber-criminals, Again, Says Darktrace
12th Nov 2020 [15 days ago] from The Register
Learn to think like an attacker so you can start fighting back Webcast  This year has turned corporate IT upside down, scuppering digital transformation plans as tech teams struggle to keep the lights on and support a suddenly remote...
Election Security Fears Doused With Reality: Top Officials Say 2020 Was The Most Secure In American History. The End
12th Nov 2020 [15 days ago] from The Register
No evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised After months of fretting about the possibility that the 2020 US election might be derailed by tampering or foreign interference, nothing...
Kids Gaming Website Animal Jam Breached After Miscreants Spot Private AWS Key On Pwned Slack Channel
12th Nov 2020 [15 days ago] from The Register
Tens of millions of usernames and passwords go walkies amid claims of decryption Child-friendly games website Animal Jam suffered a hack that exposed 46 million user records after a staff Slack channel was compromised by malicious people...
UK Conservative Party Used 10 Million Peoples Names To Derive Their Country Of Origin, Ethnicity And Religion According To ICO Report
12th Nov 2020 [15 days ago] from The Register
Bought estimated onomastic data that was amended to millions of Brit voters The UKs ruling Conservative has been using personal data in a way that spots an individuals likely county of origin, ethnic origin and religion based on their first...
Swiss Spies Knew About Crypto AG Compromise - And Kept It From Govt Overseers For Nearly 30 Years
12th Nov 2020 [15 days ago] from The Register
Wider government only told of encryption machine nobbling a year after it ended Swiss politicians only found out last year that cipher machine company Crypto AG was (quite literally) owned by the US and Germany during the Cold War, a striking...
Samsung Finally Admitted To Google’s Enterprise Android Recommended Club
11th Nov 2020 [16 days ago] from The Register
Knox and Google device enrolment now play nice together Samsung regularly tops Android handset sales charts and has arguably done more than any other handset-maker to make the OS. Yet the Korean company did not make the list at the launch...
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